Dear Esteemed Participants,
With the practice and knowledge we have gained in the seminars, workshops and conferences we have organized over the years, we have experienced together how important it is to follow innovations and share information in order to enhance knowledge, skills and experience.

Based on this idea, we are starting a series of EMAT (TATD) City Conferences aiming to involve different fields of studies from many disciplines including Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, Neurology, Cardiology and Neurosurgery by creating a completely new concept. In September 2020 we are heading to our first stop in Lviv, Ukraine.

Our aim is to bring together physicians from abroad and physicians in our country, to provide information sharing and to establish lasting relationships.
We are planning an intensive scientific program with Ukrainian Physicians.

We believe that there will be all kinds of scientific sharing and will reinforce our unity and solidarity as well as scientific content.
We will meet in Lviv at the first edition of the EMAT (TATD) City Conferences


EMAT Board of Management
Important Dates